Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekly painting progress!

Here's the progress for the week! or the day, whichever...

YAAAY It's looking better! I'm having trouble with this part of the shirt near the hands - I have to try again at it - and the face is kind of... not all there, but the colors are looking vibrant and nice. I really like that shirt purple. XD I feel like the face has some sort of weird German? or French? vibe going on with it, how it is now. XD My teacher said to focus more on the drawing of it, get it tightened up, and things should start falling more into place.

I worked on the hair in class today. Wow... It's looking better than it started anyway. But the color's really too golden yellow, I know. Again, he gave the drawing advice about this, too - that the hair doesn't need to be detailed, just have sharp edges where focus is important - and that's where it's getting its polish. I need to still keep working at it, but it's at least getting some shape. The paint was wet, so I kept lifting paint up as I was going along. It's so weird starting to work on a new part after working with established paint layers! But I jest.
My hair looks like I'm some lady from the 60's. XD It's almost fantastic.
No class on Thursday, so I don't get to work on this until a week from now. Which makes me a little bit sad, in a way. Not much time left in class to work on this!


  1. I think the painting of yourself is technically well done, but for some reason, it doesn't look like you entirely. It almost looks too masculine. I think it might be your cheekbones? I don't know. I'd have to see a photo of your VS this painting. Maybe it's also the face you're making. It's contradictory to your personality.

  2. XD Thanks. I really have to look at it again in class, but yeah, I do see where the cheeks aren't filled in enough on the side. All of the angles are too sharp. XD I guess it's just that I've been staring at it for so long in class, that I think it's right...
    Also, that face is contradictory for me? I can't be serious? :P