Monday, November 16, 2009

More Cosplay

Stuff I neglected to mention in the last post!

1) I have been DYING to make a pair of hakama pants for years. They're a sort of traditional Japanese pants with pleats and very wide legs - like those worn by Rurouni Kenshin and most of the Bleach cast. XD I wanted to make a Bleach cosplay for that very reason, but there's SO MANY Bleach cosplayers out there, it lost its charm. I'm considering either A) saving up the money to buy a pair next Nekocon - because there's a lady who makes and sells them for $65, which isn't bad - or B) making some myself
I think I know what to ask for for Christmas. :3

I'm thinking of sorta-cosplaying the creepy stalker girl from Sayonara Zetsubou Sense - Matoi Tsunetsuki - who wears hakama in imitation of her stalkee, the sensei. :P Since that's sorta what I'm doing - imitating! She tends to wear print kimono tops, and cute boots with it in the winter, which is just a cute outfit. I might just do it. :D Especially since I see SO MANY girls dressed poorly in kimono (rather, failing at geisha makeup....) it'd at least be different, and probably easier to pull off. Because being girlish and creepy is easier for me than elegant. XD

2) Also, I neglected to mention THE MOST INSANE COSPLAY THAT PROBABLY WILL NEVER BE, BUT WOULD BE AMAZING. Screaming Mantis from the Beauty and the Beast unit in MGS4. I haven't even played the game (it's so spoilertastic, PLEASE don't say anything. D:) but I think it'd be amazing. But the logistics of 6+ arms and robotic clothing? RIDICULOUS.
It'd be amazing, but I think that one's relinquished to dreams, at least until I'm rich and famous and have the time and money to make such a thing.

3)Lastly, I was browsing a Dir en Grey fansite for pictures, for possible Die cosplay refs, and Kyo pictures to draw from (:P) and in the process, stumbled upon this one.
Kaoru and Shinya's dresses are AWFUL nice - the two on the outside of the group - but GOSH, KYO. MY GOD YOU READ MY MIND. XD I LOVE colors like that - just look at this blog! - and omg. HOW did I not see this picture before. XD
It's from Myaku, a single, also from Macabre. XD But holy geeze, there's more cosplayers of THIS outfit on than that Die outfit I was looking at. 0_0
The more I'm looking at their stuff though, the more awesome outfits I'm finding. XD So I may have to re-evaluate what I want to do for a Diru cosplay~
Besides, the tubing on that dress is not nearly as flourescent fantastic in most of the other pictures... sadly. So this must have a boosted saturation.
Oh well, at least it gives me some interesting ideas for clothing... PLASTIC TUBING...

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