Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hello, just making a post to say that for now, this blog is officially on hold, and I won't be posting here until I figure out a new way to approach it. It's been a year since I last posted, a pretty long and not super artistically-eventful year to be honest. What I have been posting, has been going to my art Tumblr - so if you follow that, you will get all of my current works in progress, sketches, etc.!

 As for what I've been up to, the Western project I blogged about here has been on hiatus, and I'm currently working on lots of smaller things to hone my animation skills before I return to it. However, a lot of the concept work and sketches that I didn't post here (and new things) can be found in the Western tag on my tumblr as well.

In addition to these small study animations, I'm really looking forward to a couple of new projects I've been brainstorming on – a series of abstract animated gif images, a story taking place in an ancient fantasy setting, and something I'm calling the Fear Project for now. The latter two will take a lot of time and development, so they aren't going to happen for a very long time - the gifs I'd like to complete soon however, and the Western immediately thereafter.

I did enjoy writing about my process here, and talking about my work, but the more immediate and community-based nature of tumblr is working better for me right now- I'll come back to this space with more work under my belt and more things to write words about, and it'll probably be a place for longer-format thoughts. Speaking of, I'll end this with a few:

I said it was a fairly uneventful year, and I think that's because I'd lost sight of why I do this. I kept wondering 'what' I was going to do or 'how' I was going to make art, but that was never the right question to ask – the question was 'why.' I said I was a magician, but I don't want to make just illusions – I love art because I love changing our reality, and creating entirely new ones for people to see. I want to make spaces and events, stories and entire worlds that never existed – whether they're vast universes, or personal worlds of the mind. The media or method doesn't matter to me anymore, as long as it accomplishes that- it can be anything from animation to costume, film to games, a gallery piece or a performance. And I'm excited, so excited, to stop forcing myself to marry only one way of working, and instead stay true to the visions I want to make a reality. This will be what keeps me going at full speed this year, and I hope to show you the results.