Thursday, December 23, 2010

There they are!

Finally, we have these two perfected. Stylized, cleaned up, and likenesses procured, I am proud to present Ruth and Virgil in all their terrible glory.

Size comparison and final values

Full sheets:


On Virgil I got significant help from Erin Conley, his creator, on everything from what he would wear to how he walks, and ESPECIALLY the faces. The 3/4 view is based off of one of her drawings, and the front view had its start from another sketch of hers, after much debate and critique had been had. I literally could not have done it without you!!

It took our powers combined to get this stubborn man to look like he should, but it was well worth it. : ] I can only hope he looks as accurate to Erin as he does to me. XD

Ruth was a struggle in and of herself, but she too looks exactly like she looks in my head. I'm terribly proud of how these two turned out. When they finally reached this stage, I was overjoyed - whereas before, I made them look human, their bodies were correct, now, it's really them staring at you from the screen. I couldn't be happier with the result.

In more technical news, I also made a sheet for myself of how to further simplify them - the basic shapes they are comprised of. So right now, as I'm working on getting the key frames down, this is about as detailed as they look:

So I'm working mostly from this sheet, with only one eye on the others for now. Once the keys are roughed out, then I'll go back in and make them look just as polished as the ref sheets. I've got my work cut out for me, that's for sure!

Probably going to be a little quieter on this front while I'm working, not wanting to release too much information, story-wise. Storyboards are done and have been done for awhile, but are very rough, and again, would give it all away! So now I'm working on the key frames - the main points of the action. When they're done, it's time for inbetweens, then adding values, fleshing out the backgrounds, compiling, editing, music, etc. There's a ways to go, but I hope you'll all be patient for me to return from the journey with these two. I'll send you some postcards along the way. : ]

Monday, December 20, 2010

Boot up

My website is up folks!! It's not TOO impressive, merely a skeleton for now - I still need to upload images, and figure out how I want to embed video into it - but the design is all done and laid out!

I used KompoZer, a free WYSIWYG software similar to Dreamweaver. I used this website's tutorials to get started, and they're a great help - this is just the KompoZer page, but they have lots of helpful information on Dreamweaver and general web design elsewhere on the site.

When the site is fully operational, I'll let you know!

They're watching you.

virgil,western O_O ruth,western

Just a hint of what's brewing. I finished their faces from 3 views, and put these together to see if they really do work.

Virgil's eyebrows waggle at you, but I knew that would happen - otherwise, they're pretty danged consistent.

You'll see the full designs once they're polished!