Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Sketches

While at my parents place for the holidays, been working on a few sketches and things, thought I'd share!

These two were from a very strange dream I had. Towards the end the "main character" challenges this lion-man, some sort of legend, to a duel, and he seems reluctant to accept, but agrees, I think.. but starts getting upset. Soon they're no longer in the woods, but inside, and the main char. (tall, male, white hair and robes, dramatic makeup) turned into a smaller clown-like figure. The 'lion,' however, is going off on a tearful tangent, about his long-time - male - lover, who, by the sound of it, had recently died. And the church would not accept him, give him proper respect and burial because he had been gay.

So this is the clown listening to the conversation, and then a snazzier drawing of the clown's design, because that outfit just had to be drawn. :P

Then, we have some hoodlums to show you. Ruth used to run with a local gang, before going it alone, and these are some of the men involved. Joel, the leader, the one who recruited Ruth and who she looked up to the most; Barney, the bumbling yet loyal minion; and Silas, the silent, skeezy one that operates in the shadows. Save Barney, these men, in the end, only served to drag her down further. But that's another whole story.