Monday, November 16, 2009


Ok, so there's an art to hairdressing. Right?
Since I mentioned it in the 2nd to last post - wanting to do Kyo hair - I've done some research, since my friend said "The only reason why he can do that with his hair is because it's fried." D:

And even if your hair wasn't fried to start, it will be if you put it through that much abuse. Puffy hair requires lots of straightening, hair spray, and teasing in order to achieve, which would pretty much KILL your hair. Or at least, mine. Mine's halfway to a mess already, and it's finally starting to look decent. BLEH.

But, there's plenty of tutorials on the internet on how to get it. Main rules are lots of hairspray and teasing at the roots.

And, here's hairstyling from the man himself! I guess he does his own hair!
At 2:05 and 3:27, there's a couple snippets.

Sorry, I'm a sucker for "behind the scenes" stuff. XD
And he'll do hair for other people too!

Highly amusing~

I think I may end up using a method by another kid, who used some different products and styled it while it was drying to achieve UNSTOPPABLE HAIR.

The video's super long. I just skimmed it.

I also found this in my search for hair styling

My first thoughts were:
1, HOLY SHIT your hair is damaged beyond belief. D: Like a really, REALLY bad wig.
2, so THAT'S how they do it. XD
3, so THAT'S how you're supposed to use those (I have those products, lol.)
4, that's how long my hair would be if I decided to spike it. If I want puffy hair, I need a haircut.

BUT, as said before, it requires a lot of abuse.
I wonder how my hair would look if I didn't have it styled, but cut that way (as in, lots of short layers?) I really do. I'm really more interested in seeing what wacky things my hair would do if left to its own devices.
I keep trying to get it cut like that every time I go to the hairdresser, but they never seem to understand what I want. :\ Maybe I'll just have to take a whack at it myself.
But after I get my self-portrait done!

I'm wondering, though, how long does it take to straighten hair? How damaging is it? How long does it last? I honestly have no idea about anything, because I never do it.

I'm just getting antsy, because I've wanted basically the same hairstyle for almost 2 years now, and haven't gotten it. I think I just need to get it out of my system! My hair now is cute, and I like the way it wants to curl out at the ends a lot - uber cute! - but I never do anything with it. And, it's practically the same haircut I had a year ago before I got it cut, and I am sick and tired of wearing headbands every day. I think I'm due for a change.

I'm also considering dying it, but I have no idea what color. Something either dark or bright, though.

Looking at so many videos, though, it makes me think. So many people doing so many different things to themselves, taking so much time, to look fashionable, or achieve the look of celebrities... it's interesting. I could never do that every day. It's almost foreign to me. I'd definitely like to give crazy hair a try, but if I tried to do it every day, it'd make ME crazy!

That being said, though, any hair tips from anyone who knows more than me? They're greatly appreciated!

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  1. straightening your hair takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on length. It damages your hair every time because it's using heat, so doing it every day will eventually damage it permanently. Straightening your hair once a week isn't nearly as bad, and gives your hair time to recover. It lasts until you get it wet again really.

    Dyeing your hair is similar. Especially if you bleach it first. It's stripping your hair.