Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Painting Progress 2

For some reason, I'm stupidly proud - I can see that it's finally coming together today. I took Erin's advice about the face - in the last post, she was saying it was too masculine looking, that the cheek was sunken in. I also noticed how angular my cheeks and chin were! The angles were right, but the cheekbone was way too far out. WAY too far out! So I shaved it down, and filled out the cheeks, smoothed the curve on that chin, and... totally corrected the chin. XD The cleft was too prominent, and it wasn't... round. Now I wonder if it looks a little strange, but on the whole, it's really starting to look more like me. Those slight shifts helped so much. And I was getting worried, but I think I might be able to get this done.

Also, I worked on Amy's portrait some more. I added more of the brighter colors that are in the skin, and tried to go back over them with more neutral colors, and blend it, but they're still too bright at this point. I'm going to go back in and normalize them, don't worry. It was a lot of fun to really go at it, though, and paint more enthusiastically and quickly.

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