Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting Progress

This is all of the work I've done over this semester in my "Illustration: Drawing and Painting" class. Sorry to dump it all at once, I've just been a bit slow in getting everything together.

First, these are the paintings we did in class. Every day we had to bring in and object, and paint it within the time alotted for the class - a little over 2 hours. Then, after class was over, we would scrape out the paintings, rubbing it out with gamsol, and start over the next day.
At first, I was pretty averse to that, but it really did help me not be so clingy to my work. It's just the start of a painting. But, there were a few that I really wish I could've continued!
I think I'm only missing one or two here from the whole first part of the semester.

Then, there's the homework. We gessoed some heavy drawing paper, and did little practice paintings every week for homework, and had them checked. I should've done more than this, probably. There's a few I really ended up liking a lot, and turned out well, there's a few that have no merit other than being good practice.

After midterms, we've started on a 'body of work' for the class, and I chose as my subject, people. People are what I find the most fascinating things to study, so I want to paint paintings that show something about who that person is.
I have three paintings going, but one's been put on hold until I can figure out a better composition.

The first I started on, is a self-portrait done in class.

(Why isn't this working? It's supposed to be a GIF. D:)

This shows the progress I've made on it. XD It was pretty horrible to start, I looked like a grumpy man from Renaissance Italy. But now, it's looking more and more like me! I think the nose has gotten too dark, but that's either the paint being wet, or it really being too dark. I'll have to see if I can fix it tomorrow.
It's been a lot of tweaking in order to get it how I want it.
I think this is about 3 week's work? 7 classes? So that's about 14 hours.
And so many more to go!
I really need to get going on the hair and shirt and stop fiddling around with the face... but I'm deathly afraid the eyes are too small.... Are they?

The second, is a portrait of one of my roommates reading. But my teacher didn't like the compostition, and I need to play around with it to find a good one.

The third, is a portrait of a friend. It's been a horrible show of anatomy flaws, I hate to say! First, the head was too big, the neck was HUGE, and the body was cropped strangely. But, the face did look like her. Then, I tried to move it up, but instead, ended up with a monstrosity! I finally fixed it and got the proportions down, so here's hoping it can start to move along and become a really nice painting.

So, that's what I have so far. I'll update you guys on the works-in-progress as they come along!

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