Thursday, November 12, 2009

So... Cosplay...

So, I cosplay!
And currently, I'm faced with a dilemma. I'm finally done with my Girlycard costume (a girl version of Alucard from the Hellsing manga) much to my delight! I wore it this past weekend to Nekocon, and it was pretty awesome - except for being extremely hot in a full wool coat. XD
Here I am in the lovely hotel~!

Anyway, though, I've worn this costume to the past 3 cons, and I think it's time to give it a rest - at least for a little while. I also have SOOO MANY ideas, it's starting to boggle the mind.

THIS is what I'm looking at.

The first two costumes, I've already started on and never finished. XD I'm pretty sure I'm going to finish at least some of the Envy costume - because I was going to make it into a fantastic swimsuit, and I have shiny black material and everything. So even if I don't cosplay in it, I'm going to make myself the best damn swimsuit ever.
I had designs on making his weird hair out of strings of silicone caulking, but I got frustrated with the black I was using, and it turned me off course...

Franziska Von Karma was going to be the cosplay for Nekocon, until time crept up on me and totally threw me off. I have a skirt, stockings, shirt to modify, (borrowed)boots, gloves, even the whip. I have a white wig I need to color to get the right shade, and I have to make that crazy vest, and sleeve poofs. I was going to cut the buttons from a sheet of acrylic... etc. I just don't know if I should finish it or not. Maybe I'm de-motivated on it. But it would still be awesome to do.

The rest are ideas I've had floating around for awhile, and also more recently. XD
All of my cosplays are usually gut reactions of "that'd be SWEET to wear!" and these are all no exception.

Asuka, I want to do her plug suit BADLY, but it'd be such an undertaking. x_x I've always liked that suit though, even before I watched the show - and at first I hated her character when I finally did watch it, but I found ways we were alike, and so I don't mind playing such a bitch, hahaha. XD
I'm thinking of possibly doing her lolita dress from an illustration in the meantime. It's pretty damn cute, and it'd give me the chance to perfect the hair and demeanor before getting the suit done.

An idea I got recently, due to Daft Punk-ness on the part of my friend, was Stella from Interstella 5555. I remember she was what I latched on to, besides the song "One More Time" back when it first came out. They were my first taste of Daft Punk, and I loved her design - I wanted to make a blue Barbie for a long while, haha. It'd be a pretty interesting and iconic cosplay, but I don't know if I have the body for it! And blue makeup would be... difficult to say the least. But it'd be amazing if I pulled it off well.

Another member from a band! Die from Dir en Grey~! The moment I saw this costume, I wanted to make it, I'm serious. The one on the left, with the mask and dramatic hair? Oh goodness. But I have no idea what it'd be like in a PVC suit all day, or what my mother would think! Or how hard it would be to make - especially since it's pretty hard to see the details from photos I've found. I could, alternatively, do the tour outfit, on the right, which is very similar, and with easier to manage hair. XD Of course, I'd zip that up a bit more. So maybe a combo of the two?

Also, as a side note, I want to learn how to do j-rock hair. D: I really tend to like Kyo's bleached out, puffy hair styles a lot, but god that would ruin my hair. I'll settle for the styling.

Last but not least is Ryoko, from the many Tenchi Muyo series'. She was my favorite character as a kid watching that show, she was like my idol. :D And now that I know, a sexy beast. XD Funny I wanted to be like her....
I want to do a cosplay to honor her someday, don't know about right now, though? Ah, but no one does the 90's series anymore~! I've wanted to do that blue dress from as long ago as when I was starting out cosplaying, and saying "This one would be easy!" instead of being stupidly ambitious like I am now. XD I can't pick another one, though, and unlike most of these, it'd be a costume that's actually *gasp!* comfortable!

Anyway, these are ideas floating around. I don't really have the time for it, but a girl can dream, right? I guess I'm worried about picking anything out for next year yet, because I don't want to be "meh" about it by July. But most of these costumes are ideas I've had for months or even years, so I should be good, right...?

I also am wondering about 'originality,' because a lot of these are pretty commonly done (though I've never seen most of them personally at cons). It doesn't matter TOO much to me, though, because often times, if a costume is common, it's been done BADLY quite a few times too - so I always have this tendency to want to make my costume the best version that anyone's seen!

I'll figure it out. But if anyone has any opinions, feel free to give them!

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