Monday, November 16, 2009

3D work

So I was working on fixing my clay model for the vest for Tin's project, and I got frustrated just looking at the broken wreck that once was my model. So, I took to making a head out of the clay!

It's Trigger, a character from the same story as Sean, who I did a similar clay head of (that you all saw in that creepy animation...) I've been wanting to make this since I bought the clay. It's very rough, and it only took me a half an hour, but it looks like him, in a way. It's far from perfect. I had a lot of trouble with his left eye (well, our left looking at him), and both eyes ended up making him look Asian. I blame half-lidded eyes, lingering anime influence, studying how to draw Kyo's face, and having so many Asian friends! XD (I kid, I kid!)
Overall, I think it turned out pretty neat. He's a demon, and so his features are supposed to be fairly impish. I think I'll come back to him later to polish him up some more.
It was really horrifying, though, when I realized he ALMOST fits the little 'mannequin' I made for the vest. So strange looking...

In the end, I managed to fix up part of the model, and created the first part of a cardboard model!
The pieces of tape on the front are supposed to be straps that snap down to close the boxes... These boxes actually open and close, and are threaded on the straps for the vest... It took me 3 hours to do this. It was so tedious, but I'd say it's worth it.

It is a little bulkier than I expected, but it's still pretty comfortable. Well, to me at least.

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