Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is a blog for work that I'm doing in-class and otherwise, inspirations, etc. : ] I'll try to be make a better effort to post actual PHOTOS of in-progress work instead of just talking about it, and be, in general, a better member of the artist community with this.
Hope you find it interesting!

As to who I am, I'm a VCU art student studying Communication Arts (that's illustration, etc, NOT Mass Comm.) and I hope someday to be involved in the animation industry, because I just find the result of all of that hard work to be just sheer magic. I want to make work that is mature and thought-provoking, and interesting, with lots of character development, etc. - all stuff that makes me drool. XD And look amazing! But I also have an interest in making comics, dolls, doing photography, music... It kind of goes all over the place.

This blog will, at first, have a few posts that I made previously on other blogs of mine (that I made in the meantime of getting this one) and then I'll be using this as my primary art blog. Enjoy!

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