Friday, October 30, 2009

Doin' it for Kicks

Ok, so I go on music kicks. XD This semester, first it was Tool. Then Justice. Then Tool again. Most recently, Franz Ferdinand.
And now I'm on a Dir en Grey kick. XD

It started with me giving them a listen randomly a few days ago? And then Erin was playing it in her car, and we were talking about Kyo's voice going from all the abuse he's putting on it. (;^;) But later that evening, I was looking at Daft Punk stuff on Youtube, and that freakish baby thing from Technologic was on the screen, and somebody's like "If you think THIS is creepy, then check out Dir en Grey's 'Obscure.'" So of course, what else could I do but look at it? XD

Here it is in all it's crazy glory - DEFINITELY NSFW. Or safe for probably most people's eyes. XD

It was just so horrible and disgusting and disturbingly sexy and amazing and beautiful in its ugliness that I... I just love this kind of shit. XD

This has officially launched a kick. XD

Someday, I want to go through all the albums and figure out what they're really saying in the lyrics - the above song, for example, is about abortion and it's commonplace-ness in Japanese society.. because being a single mother is not an option, and birth control is not so easy to get...

But before we move totally on to the Diru kick, The Franz has to say something:

I'm REALLY diggin' this song too. :D I think I might just do my moving typography piece on this... if I get the time. D: At least on part of the chorus, because I can see it in my head.
You're what she CAME for
You're what she CAME for

Either that song, or this one, which I ADORE and launched the Franz kick in the first place:

I just love how entirely whacked out these guys are in this. XD

Hahaha, such a contrast. Franz Ferdinand is all about dance music, kinda happy quirky and weird, and sexy, and Dir en Grey is about dark macabre rock music... and sexy. XD I THINK I PICK THE BANDS I LIKE BY THEIR SEXINESS, LOLZ.

Gaaaaaah but I want to draw Kyo now SO BAD. I think the combination of zombie walk+this = SPEWING BLOOODDDDD FTW!! I'm wondering if I can draw him for my Tin sketchbook - if a few can be from photos, then.... >BD BWAHAHAHAHA.
2 pages from photos out of 100 isn't bad at all right?


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