Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Winter Break!

Winter break was fairly productive artistically! I got really into actually working on things I was interested in again. I felt like I hadn't made anything that was from my stories or, more importantly, from the depths of my heart in a long time (as corny as that sounds) and these resulted:

"...What do I do now?"

"In a time like this, where is God? For all of their fuss, where are the powers at play? They are not here. Here is a forgotten child.

There is no right and there is no wrong - there are no excuses. There are only reasons.
Nothing will absolve you of this. But there is plenty to explain it."

A storyboard sketch, as it were, of a scene from a story I wrote/ended up finishing off over the break. It's not perfect, but it got me started.

"Why so sad, fair maiden?"

What is she about to say? She seems afraid...

I did what started as another sketch of Strych... and I let it come out as she wanted, instead of forcing it.

I also did this as a digital inking practice, trying to get it very, very clean - because my previous work was extremely sketchy, often left at the pencil sketch if scnanned.

I'm playing around with the ideas of how to do animation cels, in the 'true colors' of an object (like if it was in bright white light,) then adding shadows and light in different colors, and seeing what texture could do.

Texture from hibbary on DA

Black or White?

I always was really hesitant to make Strychnine super white.
I knew she wasn't the same skin tone as Sean, but the yellow-ish weird color I made her never seemed to fit right...

I think she's actually mixed... her mom being a redhead, of Appalachian Scotch-Irish origin, and her dad being from a middle-class suburban African American family... though I'm pondering if his dad might have been from another country...
They were both hippies, I've known that from the start. And her dad had dreads. :D Probably still does.

But now, looking at it, I feel so much more comfortable looking at the black Strychnine.
That's how she should be. A lot of sketches I've done of her, she looked more black. But I was too afraid to write someone of a different race than my own, too afraid I'd fuck it up.

And I'm not saying I won't, but I'll try not to.

(Texture also from Hibbary. XD)

Lastly, we have a trade! This was done as a secret santa for flarekitty on DA, of her character Blink. I also had a lot of fun with this one, doing really clean line work and such, and playing around with different color inking.

You can read the full descriptions and see some older work over at the DA page:

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