Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Figure Painting - round 2- studies!

"The Artist in her Natural Environment"

I like the studies I've done for this class much more than the in-class work, because I've been able to set them up how I wanted, for the most part. They're more personal, closer to me.

This first painting was one of my later ones, done after a tutorial by Jorge Benitez that made me really stoked about painting! I was so excited to do it, and the lighting was so great... it turned out really well. I think it's one of the best paintings I've done, and it was only 5 hours painting with a friend (thank you so much for sitting for me!)
Not only for the reason that I like it, and feel it's strong, this is posted first since, out of 4 paintings I submitted, this one was chosen to be in the Anderson Gallery show from our department! I'm so, so happy - I didn't expect anything of mine to make it in! This is the first time a piece of mine has gotten into a show like this!
The show opens tomorrow, 5-7 PM, at the Anderson Gallery on VCU Campus.

Now, for more studies..

"Self-portrait." A more conceptual self-portrait than my last, I was also portraying myself in a way that I'm not used to - with a more sexual tone. I painted this after looking up some things about Silent Hill 2, and I think it marks the beginning of that work's influence upon me, as well.
...I'm terribly fond of this one. XD

A study of my hair, which turned out to be a nice painting of my eye..!

A painting of a friend, with some awesome clothes and hair.

Study of strange lighting on a mannequin doll of mine, done... in the dark with a black light and a glow stick... D: I used a flashlight to check on the painting itself, and some finishing was done with the lights on. It was... rather strange, and I probably won't do something like that again, it's too imprecise...

Study of the stairs that WILL kill one of us eventually, in the Carriage House which we use for Honors studio. I had a lot of fun painting that wall! Just finding all of the colors that light makes on a white wall. It got frustrating, however, since the lighting changed twice! It's very interesting working with natural lighting, though.

Some of the criticism I've kept getting from my teacher, however, has been to watch the edges in my work - I like them being rough, but it wasn't PURPOSEFUL. Also, especially in class, the advice has been "USE MORE PAINT!" and so I've been working on these things as I keep going along, and it's helping quite a bit! The painting at the top was done being very mindful of edges and blending, and it shows.

A test of cool light and warm light. The one on the right was done first, when I was in a foul mood, and... that also shows. XD I'm calling it "Portrait of an Idiot." The second one I was much more composed. These didn't turn out as interesting as I'd hoped, unfortunately... but you can't always win.

I'll post more studies as I do them!

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