Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Figure Painting - round one!

This semester, I'm taking Figure painting with Danny Robbins. ( - he does some awesome stuff, and is having a show at Glave Kocen Gallery this month (opening Friday)!) He was my teacher last semester, and I wanted to keep up the painting, and I love love love working with the figure, so this was the perfect class.

The first half of the semester's been painting a model in class, and then wiping the canvas out, and for homework doing studies of specific assignments. Here's the first half, with all the paintings from class. They were all done within the 2 hour period of class.

4 quick studies, each about 20 minutes

One of two planned studies, that turned into... just one. XD (assigned that way, not on my accord.)

For this one, each stroke had to be mixed on its own, as a way of introducing more color. I got too focused in on the one area, though.

Classmates modelled for each other

A whack at doing a full composition

4 compositional studies of the same scene

A whole composition and start of a painting. I really love this one!

Another full composition

uhh... another one? Not too wild about the face, but the stomach's great.

No model this day, so two of the students went up and modelled for us - each for one half of class. Good clothes practice.

Finally, a two-day painting!! This was the start...

And this was the result!
It could be better, but it turned out pretty well. Not sure if I'm going to keep it as it is, or possibly work with the painting a bit...

Our next assignment, we're going to be working on for two weeks, so that's four classes and 8 hours! I've got to figure out a composition and build a panel for it this weekend, so it should be exciting to work on.

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