Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sketchbook Work

Life drawings from my sketchbooks

Figure drawing at Society of Communication Artists, Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

The reds and pinks in these last two, as well as the pink and yellow on the man above, were all painted in neon acrylics, that unfortunately didn't scan well.

Experimenting without using lines:

This last one, done digitally, was extremely fun and liberating. It was like getting to oil paint, but without the setup, and the ability to mix any color you wanted very quickly.

Ink washes at the Scott House:

Dr. Sketchy's, June 15th - The model was the lovely Muse!
Dr. Sketchy's is a monthly drawing session with alternative models, burlesque dancers, performers, and all sorts of folk - many cities have one, but this is the page for Richmond's chapter, hosted by Deanna Danger at Strange Matter.

Gesture drawings to start - I was really trying to focus on movement, and better, more confident inking with these, and creating good shapes.

The challenge was to draw her on a deer - mine turned into a llama deer. Yeaaah....

It was good to get out and do some life drawings again, I hope to keep doing Dr. Sketchy's, and possibly SOCA in the future if alumni can get access!

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